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Audio editing tools (especially those meant for DJs) have to come with catchy interfaces. This is something that the developers behind DJ Audio Editor know well. This audio editor comes with an interactive interface that’s simple to use and control – no black and white text here!


The great thing about DJ Audio Editor is that it puts the user in complete control. Audio editors should be easy to customize and manipulate, which is why many prefer DJ Audio Editor to other editing tools. To use this program, all you have to do is select the type of distortion or sound that you want to create, and the rest is as simple as listening to your creations.

Main Function

DJ Audio Editor exists, so that users can manipulate tracks using a myriad of sound effects. This program includes effects such as delay, invert, reverb, inverse, and many others. If you live to play around with tracks and create compilations that are all your own, this is the program you want to purchase. In addition to being a simple program to use, DJ Audio Editor just gets the job done – and that’s worth the price of this program.

Extra Features

When it comes to an audio editor, the features should lay in the sound effects an editing tool offers. DJ Audio Editor definitely doesn’t disappoint as far as effects are concerned. The latest 3.1) includes additional effects such as stretch, pitch, and expand.


As with most editing programs, you can test our DJ Audio Editor for free, but you will have to purchase the program in order to take advantage of all the effects. Luckily, this program is priced on the very low side at $20+, which gives you an excellent reason to try out your DJ skills.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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